Tea Man.

Today I was in Sainsbury’s casually browsing the teas when a young man came up to me and asked me for some advice about buying tea. I tried as best I could to help him but told him that I had a friend who knew all about tea and she would be the best one to ask, so he gave me his number and said to get back to him.

I did just that, sending a nice long text courtesy of Carrie about different types of tea and their benefits and also recommended some websites for him to refer to. He seemed a nice young man and I thought it a nice simple gesture to help him with his tea dilemma.

But then something both funny and slightly worrying happened. He texted back and said that to thank me for my help he’d like to “treat me to something I enjoy” not only did this sound incredibly suggestive, it also highlighted the fact that somehow our conversation about tea had become some sort of chat-up topic, which I just love by the way! I replied saying there was no need to feel he needed to do that and I was glad to help but he is adamant that we go out sometime as “who knows what interesting things I may yet learn from you!”

This is the best thing that’s happened to me today. Tea-flirting. Who knew?!

Posted 3 years ago